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to your Best Healthy You


Are you worried about your health?

What if there are other ways to feel better?

Lets not just leave it all up to our Doctors. Health coaching can help you discover what YOU can do for you.
We'll look at your 'big picture' to move towards the best version of your healthy self.
Here's to happier, healthier days ahead!



How good could things be?

Hi! I’m Tracy.

I’m a Registered Nurse and have been working in Primary Health since 2006.

I really enjoy community healthcare because I get to see the value of disease prevention every day, rather than working in that ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

My journey to address my own weight issues, health concerns and wellbeing has led me to my passion for lifestyle medicine, because I feel and know the benefits. I have been working as a nurse for the Green Bay Medical Centre Healthy Weight clinic since 2014 and I love seeing personal transformations in so many ways, not just in kilos off. Continuing with my goal to help people improve their health and prevent illness, it made sense to train as a Health Coach, and I qualified as a Prekure Health Coach in 2019. Working with people towards health and real quality of life (not just a longer life), improving long term conditions, and preventing illness is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I love it when people become empowered to improve their “lot” by making changes with their habits around food, moving their body, reducing stress, reducing toxins, sleeping better and making those valuable human connections.

Maybe you are ready for change?

Maybe you’ve been told what to do but you can’t seem to make it happen?

Are you wondering if things could be better?

Is it time to give yourself the space to focus on what you can do about your own health?

As a health coach and a fellow human, I recognise that change is hard. But change can also be immensely rewarding and more than worth it! Together we can look beyond your current situation to explore how good things could be. I can offer you support as you make health related changes. I will work with you to achieve your agenda. I can help you to set your own goals and find your own solutions. I will be a kind ear. I will encourage you and keep you accountable. And I will link you to resources or education if you need that.

You can make a difference to your health.

You can feel better.

And I would love to help you.


My Services


Your best healthy you, starting today

Health Coaching at Green Bay Medical Centre is a private service for people who want to improve their health, prevent health issues, or who may feel 'stuck' with a health issue.

Examples of where health coaching could be useful are if you have high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight issues, recovering from cancer, stress, anxiety, or anything else you'd like to improve.

I offer face to face appointments onsite at Green Bay Medical Centre on Tuesday afternoons between 3:30-6pm.

If you cannot attend Tuesdays, please email me to check for possible availability on Thursday mornings.

Together we will design a programme to suit you.

I am here to help you become your best healthy self!

If you are interested in health coaching, please click on the link below for more information.

Price List


First Session (60 mins)

Our first session is the discovery session. It is where we find out about your story, your goals and discover what approach works best for you. This session will also give you an understanding of my role and my approach towards helping you.


Followup Sessions (30-60 mins)

Each subsequent meeting, we’ll begin with a brief chat about where things are at, gain some insight, and consider new options. We’ll explore and work through these to develop a new set of actions for the coming weeks. Each session, we will be working together to create tangible progress towards your goal. Coaching may also include discovering your values, clarifying your barriers, and holding you accountable to commitments.


Client Testimonials

I met with Tracy looking for answers about how I could feel better about myself - connecting both my mind and physical self. Prior to our meeting she asked me for some thoughts about what I was looking for answers for and my food and exercise routines so she could investigate some options before we met. The first thing that struck me about Tracy was that she listened without judgement or criticism. She has such an incredible empathy and understanding of how important the mind and body need to work as one. I immediately felt at ease with her discussing some of my most private thoughts and issues. Tracy gave me the most amazing, and realistic tips on how to feel better about myself, without having to sacrifice things that were important to me. Since meeting with her I have gone from strength to strength based on her recommendations. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone that needs to achieve their personal goals

Tara McLeod

I have worked with Tracy Steuart since 2006, and together, since 2014, we have run the Healthy Weight Clinic at Green Bay Medical Centre. With kindness and humour, Tracy works with people to discover what motivates them and how to effect long lasting changes not only to their weight and physical health, but also to their mental health.
I have countless patients who have had their diabetes reversed, blood pressure reduced, mental health improved, and lead much happier lives. One such patient being overweight, diabetic and a smoker, now exercises regularly, has stopped smoking, and reduced her weight so is no longer on insulin. She recently dead-lifted over 100 kg! 
If anything, the covid virus has taught us that life is precious, that we are precious, and we deserve to be the happiest and healthiest we can be.
I fully believe in Tracy as a very special person who can help you on this journey.

Dr Cushla Borthwick


Contact Tracy Steuart

Get in touch to book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.

Green Bay Medical Centre
70 Godley Road
Green Bay

09 8274075

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To keep you inspired and on track


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All the good stuff, stuffed.

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Come home to something good.

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Like a bread wrap, but yummier.

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